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Sunday, November 13, 2016


Poor dolly is wide awake, but dear GD is sound asleep.
A corner of brightness. 
Simple LED bulb=bright as the sun=nearly cost-less.
This is my old Home-Made clothes rack. Works fine. Does not hold much.
Now THIS is gonna hold some clothes!  This is the not-quite-done-shot.  There are now 2 wires on the outsides of the poles, and Dan has decided to add another one in between the poles.  The poles galvanized conduit poles, one inch size. There are 2 nifty coupling links to make each 10' pole into 12' lengths!! 
Nothing needed to be threaded either.
And here it is with not-so-pretty wet stuff on it.
It's in the spare room we call the playroom now. This room was Ashley's when we first moved here in 2007. She painted over the vinyl wallpaper, red red red.
Then my mom moved in, so Steph painted the walls a light lavender and peach-ish to match mom's bedspread. The color has remained the same, though it was once the girls play room when Ben lived here with his 2, Meg and Lily.
This way I don't have to worry about the weather and whether or not I can hang the wash.
I put tog a little weaving project for the grandgirls, now that Ashley has all 5 of them on weekends again. I made the holes in the lightweight cardboard on my sewing machine.  Sq., triangle, circle, diamond, 2 of each.  They had yarn to add also, but opted for the strips of fabric I dug out of my recycle box.

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