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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Grandchild Number Six Is A....

*!*  GIRL  *!*

The parents, our son and DIL are a bit disappointed, they really wanted a boy. 
But....she has all her toes and all her fingers.  I have a picture from the first sonogram, but let's face it, those all look pretty much the same. 
For humans at least.
Of course this makes it easy to add another child to the Storybook Quilt.
I also need to fix the blurry words, where I wrote the book titles and the ink ran. 
So I did them up in be added soon.
That's why I remember I need to add another child, because this has been hanging around my chair for a few weeks.
{I made 2 of them, actually.  The second one is here.}
I am also doing a lot of satin stitch around a tower. You know the one, in Paris?
On a pillowcase/cover for a GD. I LOVE doing this stitch!
From the giant squash plant growing in the backyard's compost heap. 
Acorn Squash? The kids are going to carve and/or decorate them since we don't dare eat them. [they are growing over the septic field.]
So this watercolor idea comes from Debra @ Artisun.
She is an art teacher and she had her kids dab [her word was "Blob"] the color on, then draw what they "saw" in the shapes.
My youngest GD helped me do this one on top.  I see many figures in the paint, I just haven't outlined them yet.  But I did get this far.

Need I explain this one?
Didn't think so.

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