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Monday, October 31, 2016

Game Farm, Pinata, String

My youngest, Steph and her Bearded boyfriend, who are devoted Sounders Soccer fans, went to the Olympic Game Farm  where you drive among the animals...large animals!  You toss wheat bread to them and take interesting pictures.
p fffffff t  click to enlarge and see this one 
Or get stuck in the herd.
That's what you do for your birthday.
Or you do this for your birthday...That your older brother brought for you!
Ashley got to go first, her bday celebration, her gets first chance.
Then the kids got a go at it. This time in size order.  That's because
biggest granddaughter, Megan, [#1] is a pro at smacking open the pinata!
[just don't throw the bat]
Grandma's creative endeavor last week was to make pumpkin cards to send the girls.
the middle card is for all 3 of #2's girls, thus the 3 eyes, 3 hearts, 3 U's
With a paint swatch titled "pumpkin patch", I 'wove' 3 p'kins for the front.
I kept the colors names visible on the other 2 cards too, for #1's girls.
Lame? Sure. Fun? Course.
Somewhere along the line, I forgot to mention that my MIL has written a story book! The Adventures of Bronty the Little Dinosaur.  My FIL drew the pictures for it, and my daughter copied one of them into string for them.
She has also been working on ornament sized stringys.

from a walk one day, Ashley and fam.
This is a Robberfly, I think. This is my husbands photo.

Back in April...2015....I was working on a shrug for myself. I was using up the various wool yarns I have. But I just wasn't liking the shape. So I FROGGED the whole thing!!!!
And have started over. So far it looks pretty much the same as these pix. 
"Frogged" means undo, unstitch, pull the yarn back into a ball.

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  1. II didn't know that about Frogging - I do it a lot.