Monday, September 26, 2016

Decisions Out Of Thin AIr

I am always amazed at how an idea can just appear out of thin air.
"Tree Line With Bulrushes" Summer 2016
I had finally decided to "mount" this one on canvas, but not on a stretched canvas, like so many are doing these days.  Not that I don't like that idea, I love it actually, but I wanted to keep this 'softer'.  So I scrounged around looking for the hunk of canvas I am sure I have.  Nope. Not where I thought, but I did come across some dyed-black we had done years ago for a curtain. ('we' being dau. Steph and me)  And in the same drawer were some other fabrics. I pulled them all out and took them to the table.  As I lay out the different fabs, and Dan mulled them over with me, we came up with the orange-lavender combo....and that's when the thin air grew heavy with the idea on how to 'frame' this!  I got it all basted and am stitching it.  More to come.
Ocean Circle 2016 Additions

Have been stitching the Ocean Circle top too.  I had fun adding the stamens {?}
to the hibiscus flowers!  And even though they are more color coordinated to each flower in nature, I stayed with the yellow perle/pearl cotton. One of the threads is from the box of threads my mother game me 40 years ago.  I added a variegated blue thread to the line of 'water' stitches at the edge of the 'beach'.

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