Thursday, September 22, 2016

Garden Bag

This spring I had added potato parts into soil in an empty dog food bag.
It worked!  The so called soil I started out with was really heavy awful stuff, so I added from our own compost heap.  That soil had all sorts of stuff in it...pill bugs, worms, undigested veggies...But it worked. As the potato plant grew, I added more of our own soil. One day I noticed a tomato plant growing in the same bag, so I left it there. It grew. I added even more soil, which was fine for both plants.
The funny ridges in the spuds are from rocks in the original soil in the bottom of the bag.
This is the final harvest.  Not as much as all the websites said I would get, but it did work!  I still have another bag on the deck that I will harvest...whenever.
The tomato from that bag has been re-potted and is doing fine.
I now have 2 plants that started really late in the spring, as you can tell by the flowers still on them, so I am hoping I can bring them inside to continue growing in my sunny bathroom corner where I started all my seedlings last spring.
This is a berry off the dogwood tree between us and the neighbor. It's a native Washington plant. I didn't know they produced berries.  I didn't know they were a treat for Robins and Pileated Woodpeckers! I didn't get a pic of the Robins, but I did get some of the Woodpecker when he came back the second day. [i just stood and watched him the first day, not even thinking of getting the camera]
Pileated Woodpecker in Dogwood, Sept. 2016
Another chore for the Fall.  Dig yet another trench for the rain runoff.  This time he put in pipe, hoping it will last longer. 
The Fifth Critter. These are made by V. in Northern Ireland. I resisted the first few years...but then gave in last Fall and bought Frost...and then...and then...So now I have 5, 1 for each of my grandaughters...for someday.   
Helia is the newest to the family here.
I am keeping them for now...So I can enjoy them too.
With grandbaby #6 on the horizon, I will have to keep my eye out for another one of the beautiful, homemade, creatures.  
I am still working on the Ocean Circle, formally known as Tropical, quilt top, but those pix are still in the camera.

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  1. The potatoes grown in a bag are amazing! I have heard of that too and never tried it, luckily I have enough garden space. I love your leaves whirling around the volcano too.