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Friday, September 02, 2016

Not So Broken

The break is healing! No more sling for Devyn, amazingly enough. The foggy parts around the break are new bone of course, pulling the 2 parts back together. Our bodies are just wondrous things.  Especially when you are under 6 years old.
I do have another daughter, with her own "baby" to care for.  
My Stephie and her Ozzie.
Tacoma Narrows Bridge
On their way to Tacoma, Ashley and her girls got to "drive through the clouds". 
Ashley is at it again...more string art on driftwood.
What you don't see is how small these really are. 
So she is working in a tight space. I will have her measure next time.

There was a day spent on the west coast, at the "real" ocean. 
Devyn still in her sling.
And then a day spent at one top end of the state.  It's the ocean, but as it comes into the Puget Sound. 

Camels. In Washington?

Yup.  Maybe I should have another blog for other family member adventures....
Something I have been working on. I have added the flowers and trees at the corners, pinned on the backing, no batt, and now trying to figure out the quilting...or embroidery...or both??
The center is a volcano...

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