Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Finished! "Tree Line With Bulrushes"

I think I have finished the Penny Berens Landscape.
"I hope you can  come up with a good name for your so called PB piece!  Something to do with Tree Line or bulrushes in a row!  Just a suggestion." Penny said in an email to me. 
So how about "Tree Line With Bulrushes" for a title.
Her picture, her suggestions. Works for me!

She took the picture that got me started on this.
Picture taken by Penny Berens in her "neighborhood" of Nova Scotia.
The line of bulrushes, right in the middle of the photo, got me first...or maybe it was the "pink" ground cover....or the 'ghost' trees in their Spring coats still. 
I really wanted to have many more ghost trees, but they looked awful, so I snipped out a few. I hope the netting, that I cut the black dots out of, will show enough of the "hazy" area of bare branches.
messed with photo editor
 Taking a picture of it has proved to be difficult. I am not one to worry about 
pro looking pix.  Though this time it might have been nice to have a dedicated area for photo shots. Now to figure out how to frame it!
trying different spots for pix
 My daughter's pix 
Barred Owl, Belfair WA.,  Nest? , Opossum on front gate.

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