Tuesday, August 16, 2016


This is the picture of GD Devyn's break! Not Fracture. Break!  Wow.  And they only want to wrap it in a sling?  Unbelievable. But. On Bone Talks
they mention that kids under 6 heal on their own...AND the bone straightens itself out...on it's own!!!!
My daughter said, "So that's what they meant" when the doctors were explaining it to her. {this xray is a week old}
Onto more creative fronts....Ashley is still having fun with the string art projects.
These are all gifts.
And besides pokemonGo, the area has been rock hunting....
You find them, you can keep them, or you can hide them again for others to find. Ashley made this one. 
And my brother has found an unusual creative outlet...painting "grabbers"- or whatever you might call them- with nail polish!
And not to be outdone, the garden has been creating some goodies...

This was a dog food bag I put potato eyes into last...April?
That harvest.
We moved the tomatoes up to the patio, more sun, more warmth from the pavers.

The pumpkins like it too.
Dan 'harvested' the carrots I had seed-started in water bottles.  They def could have grown longer, but...
Extremely close up you can see the different colors of them.
The peas are from them too, and maybe some tomatoes? I know I started many of the tom plants from our saved seeds from last year.
The onions were volunteers from the compost.

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