Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Different Handwork

These all loaded bassawkards...so be it.
The back of this wonderful work of childhood art. 
1968 kind of art. 
Was I reading too much Babar perhaps? 
Dig that groovy hairstyle and those farout sleeves!!!
I am at a momentary standstill with this landscape. I thought I knew how I wanted to do the ghostly tree trunks...now I am not so sure.
So while I mull that over, I wanted to work on something, anything! 
Opened my footstool and saw this peeking at me.  YES!!
I will stitch this some more. If you enlarge it, you will see the outer safety pinned sections, and the deep creases from hiding away so long.
I have some new ideas for this now, as I stitch those outer areas of 'sand' down.
Edited to add- Started this Tropical quilt top in 2011.

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