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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Currently in the Ocean....

After getting this whole thing pinned...I unpinned it.  I didn't like the basic stitching I was doing around the  volcano and waves. 
So now I am doing a running stitch, doubling it up by going back. I am trying to get a feeling of water movement, the ocean current, the invisible jet stream. I also think I will need a batt layer to help with that. For now, the embroidery work, with pearl cottons. I am also trying to use what threads I have, so some will probably have to be done in floss.

With a lot of other people too, of course.
Anyway, my theme was the beach, and I came up with quite a few stitch combos that worked for crabs, kelp, beach grasses, etc. 
Little did I know that 8 years later I would be referring to it for another project. 
It has been on my wall all this time. Staring me in the face.
Go figure!

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