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Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Dreaded Text...

What was once the 'dreaded phone call' as been updated to a text.
Still as bad though.

"Dev fell in bunker*. Going to hospital. She is passing out"

With spotty phone service, they were getting directions from other people, but made it to Port Townsend Hospital.

Then the even more dreaded text came.
"Fractured Skull"

No bleed in the brain.
She has a fracture of the humerus bone in her right arm also.

Then came an ambulance ride from PT to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma. 1 hour 32 min. We all thought it would be an over night stay for sure.

But the doc's decided to send Devyn home for the night. The fracture in her skull was just a dent?  Not really clear on that. More appointments to come.

We do know that she can do art with one hand!!
And was mad because she couldn't go play with the others.

*There are cement bunkers built in 1897, all over this area of Puget Sound, many are now state parks.

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