Monday, July 25, 2016

Kids and Kats

 It was Girls Night here for the birthday girl, Rhiley. 
I made toothpick "candles" for the fruit bowl. The banner I made many many years ago.  Spelling hasn't changed.
Birthday girl said: "no cake???"
Middle sister said: "auntie Steph is....mumble mumble"
She got The Look from mommy. 
My  excuse me. OUR cat loves Dan's beard.
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The day Avery got her cast off, she had time to sew with me. This time I had her make something!  She is hooked!  While she was doing this, her mom was cutting wood for more of these....
String pictures. She is hooked too.

I need to prep some fabrics for Avery to sew next time she stops by, because I KNOW she will ask.

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