Monday, August 01, 2016

Help Me!

About 3 hours before she fell, her mama took this picture of her.
Premonition?  Coincidence?
Less than a week later. Finally got a good scrubbing bath and new wrap. It's possible she won't get a cast.  The ibuprofen is making her sick. Not sure why.
Amazing to be able to see inside her skull!!  6 to 8 weeks is the healing time given by the doc's.  Still not sure about the arm fracture. 

I have added netting...
to "imply" the bare, white-ish, ghostly looking bush branches....
after cutting all the black dots out of the net that is.

More [dau] Ashley art. This one is a glue, crayon, watercolor project found on Pinterest {of course} and done by Ashley and her 3 girls.

I can't get a good shot of the pine cone she made for me.

But I love it!  String on nails and driftwood.
Though the "string" she is using is mostly perel/pearl cotton threads.
She is hooked. 

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