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Friday, April 15, 2016

Too Much Geen

So said GD #4, Avery.  She really likes the strip of stripes, but the rest is too much "geen."
Love that child!  And yes I will change that up a bit.  You can't really tell in these pix, but I have added another print behind the 'geen', a small blockish print.  I will cut out parts of the 'geen' so the print behind shows through.  
This started out as this strip of small scraps that I had stitched tog.  
click to enlarge!
I had finished the Fur-Felt Bird and was in a funk....a fog of no creative juices.
YUCK. Thank goodness that did NOT last long.  I intentionally went through a couple of places where I have 'stuff'.  That is where I found this strip...of stripes.  
It will end up another pillow cover, a bed pillow size.  
[Yes I have lots of WIPS, but none of them were calling me.]
This wibbly-wobbly-leggy looking thing is NOT a spider.  It is a crochet flower I made, from a "pattern" in my head, for my daughter who loves LOVES Gerbera Daisy's. It is on a pin that is not visible.  I have other flowers made up for the GD's for May Day.  They will get those in the mail.
But this one needed to be given in person, and explained....what IT was.
These 2 pix were changed up a bit in Dreamscope

Recently there was a fire in the forested area above Sierra City, CA, where I lived long ago. Luckily the fire was soon contained.  Despite the rains and snows they are getting, the forest floor is still dry.
I had never seen the area from this angle.
I love love love this area.

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