Friday, April 22, 2016

For Upcoming May Day

I remember making May Day (May 1st) Flower Baskets in elementary school.
I loved making them.  But with Mother's Day, no one 'does' May Day, that I know of.
So I decided to celebrate the day again, my way.
I made up a Plethora of Flor-ea. 

backside, of course
For the girls, I made necklaces this time, instead of pins. But the women, Ashley, Stephanie, and Malory, get pins. Oh and my postal delivery lady.  I gave one to her because she is so nice.
The small purple pin went to Stephanie's SO so he would not feel left out. He is a great sport that way.
All crocheted. The small one is a pattern from Lucy at Attic24, otherwise I made up a 'pattern' for the flower and the necklace part.  I love an I-cord, but haven't cared for the crochet version. So I came up with one of my own, super easy peasy!!

And Mr. Geen is still being worked on, just no pic at the moment.

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