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Thursday, April 28, 2016

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 Avery, GD #4 found a bit of crayon melting in the sun.  The only pic I couldn't get was of her hands facing me in all their wondrous blue.  Melty crayon is easily rubbed into ones hands.
I started the seeds to this tall lupine last summer.  They are flowering this year!

Mr. Geen is done, tho this is pic before the finish.

the texture is what it's all about!

This plant is doing well too, it didn't even die back completely over the winter.

Back to Mr. Geen.  
It was hard not to pull the threads in the circle. 

Different colors of thread.  A 2-strand embroidery floss no longer being made. Sad. It holds up well to miles of stitching and  even quilting through many layers.

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