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Friday, May 06, 2016

My Garden! So Far

My niece asked about my tomato plants and how I grew them. 
Here is my high-tech set up.  
All my seeds are started in peat pots for ease of replanting.  And a seed soil starter mix...dirt.
Most of the seeds were saved from last year, but some in here are from a package my neighbor got and gave me.  She benefits from the garden too, so she thought I could try this all in one seed start. 

This is the backyard. New fenced off path to lower garage area.
This pile is grass clippings, branches, kitchen compost, shredded paper, etc. I am trying to come up with a wild flower hill for pollinators.  I want to put in fruit trees, which means attracting bees and friends.
My avocado tree [spelled wrong on picture, sorry]  I am showing this picture so my niece can see how I also do tomato plants.  I started the seeds {saved from last years tomatoes} in the peat pots. A few weeks later, I planted the whole peat pot in a 10/12 inch pot, spreading the seedlings out sideways a bit, to bury more stem. Then I discovered I could put that pot down into the 5 gal bucket and add more soil.  I didn't remove the plants from the pot at all!  {I don't have a picture of them standing up towering in the 10 in. pot. I was quite pleased with them!}
The buckets have the cages in them now also, poked down into the bucket on the outside of the 10 inch pot. They are now down in the "greenhouse", pic at bottom of this post. I have wrapped the row of cages with plastic to keep them warm for now, now that they are outside. The 2 bell pepper pots are nestled in with them too.
Potatoes growing in a dog food bag. This bag has had soil added twice now.  I just roll the sides of the bag up.  I hope this works!!! This bag is on the front deck. For now.
Lupine!  I started the seeds last year, but no flowers.  Now they are flowering and I read that if you dead head them, they will keep flowering. I thought that meant cutting off the whole flower head, but that is not so, as i discovered that the new flowers/petals?  were already growing around the first petals!!  I kept this pic sideways because it showed them up better.
 This yarrow has been the same as the lupine, finally flowering!
This is from a part of a hanging basket i got a couple of years ago. It kept stayed alive in the pot at the end of the season, so I kept it. Last year if flowered, and is again this year.  But the leaves are also changing color this year.  I am only guessing that this is a coleus. 
More pix of my high tech bucket growing in the sunny bathroom.

If you click to enlarge you should be able to see the cantaloupe in the peat pots, sitting in another slightly larger pot.  I had roots poking out of the peat, so I filled the other pots with soil then stuck the peat pots on top!  They are still growing crazy!  I want to wait a bit longer before putting them in the greenhouse, even though i have plastic up around the bed they will go in to.
Just getting it warmed up.
And this is looking out the bathroom window down into the "greenhouse" garden area.  This is a new planter Dan built for us this year.  There are peas and carrots already sprouting, tho you can't see them very well.

click to enlarge and read the notes I added.

And that is the roof of the "greenhouse".  It has no walls, per say, though it is
 backed up to the house wall.  Got plenty warm in there last summer!!

And that is the end of the tour!

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