Monday, April 11, 2016


Fur-Felt Plankton 
Or Galaxy 
Fur-Felt Bird
As I was working on this second one, Dan mentioned it looking fish-ish...or bird-ish....
I flew with it!
These are made from the bits of fur the dogs shed. Small coils of felt-ish fur. 
Most of the family thinks they are gross.  I see them as possibilities.  Dan sees them as his wife enjoying herself. And encourages her! I am stitching them to small "sample fabrics" from Dharma Trading I do believe, and backed by off-white blanket fleece. It is nice to hold. 

As it really looks on  my pin board.

A new....wait for it....PIN BOARD!!  
Dan had cut this piece about a year ago, for another area that I decided not to use it in. 
A couple of days ago, bitta met bing and with a piece of canvas...wa-la.

Beachy theme.  This started as an Embroidery stitch test thing.  

This one is Chair With A View.  
The chair part was a quilt block I had designed. The rest of it came together when i first started following Jude Hill.

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