Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Kind Of How My Week Is

Meg and Lily {GD's # 1 and 2} Had Wild Hair Day at school.  This is at the end of the day.  Their Aunt Ashley happened to drop by and got a Shock!  [that is why GD #1 is holding GD # 5]
I have another project under going.....
This is "Freebird" by MoMo for Moda  I got it as a bundle off Etsy, I think.  Wasn't sure what to do with it, then. But now....I am adding some embroidery to it.  I have the pieces stitched up in a long piece, with some others backing this one section up for stability.  I will sew it up into a bed pillow size 'case'.  I don't care for small throw pillows, and I figure my kids on't either, so they get pillows from me in comfortable; bed pillow size for the couch.
And here is the 3- Generation bitty all done with my contribution.
I added the fabric gathered around the stark white area where the hoop had been.  GD #4 had left it on when she colored mama's needlework.  Thoughtful of her, huh?
I went around the whole outside edge with 'cross stitch' to attach it to the purple background.
The weather has improved  day's are getting longer, so the neighbors came over for our first visit of 2016!
Earlier that same day....
GD #4 and # 5  dropped by ↓ 
An idea forming for this elephant by Valori Wells.
I am also working on Bday cards for GD's.  This one needed a little something on the back side, so I used this tissue paper from Ireland!!  Seriously.  It was wrapped around the Mousie you meet in the next picture.
This is Mosaic the Mouse, nick named Mossy, who joined up with the others just yesterday!
Everyone waves Hello!
Starting with Polar Bear and going clockwise, Mouse Muffin, Frost, Mossy, Darlene, Woody [toy story], Peter Rabbit, and Stuart Little.  Oh and Stinky down in front.
Kids will be here is the tush shot.
Woody was embarrassed! 
My bathroom 'greenhouse'.  The lamp has a 'grow' bulb in it, but it's mostly for the heat.
The bigger tomatoes are a few weeks old. And then a week later the smaller ones....
and then....2 more you cant'really even see yet.

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  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how you are such a GRANDmother....i could never, no, i could never