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Monday, March 14, 2016

It's All About Timing

Daylight.  P.M. daylight. Date Stamped.  Clock correct.  Camera not.  From my chair.
Somehow my first collection of Fur-Felt  Bits got misplaced.  
So I started over.  This time I am more experienced. I had a Plan.
I put a piece of plain fleece (sweatshirt kind, not batt) behind the gauze-y fabric.
Much better.  Still a WIP.
The center bit with reddish in it is from a throw rug that got caught up in the fur.
From my chair I can see this "design" wall.  This section really does look like a WIP area.
I usually have little bowls around, with the threads and stuff that go with each project. If they go into the ottoman-storage-stool, I add a note to them to keep track of what they go to.
Valori Wells elephant screen print
Currently, there is a grandgirl who likes to explore through those little dishes. She likes to change things up a bit.  I don't mind, I love that she wants to explore fibers. (this is the youngest, the 2 yo who also sews sequins on the Fish, Goldie)
Unfortunately, I don't remember shit these days. I look at the jumble of things she has 'collected' and wonder what goes to what.  So I am resorting to adding the threads to the wall.  Am also thinking it's a good thing to look at and mull I like that thread combo?
Good example....I found a fabric I want to use on the back of these Macaws, instead of the teal it's on now. But I Can't Remember Where IT IS.  Bah.
(i will cut the teal out from under the green batt and place this on the new fabric choice....when i find it.)
Freebird is coming along nicely.  
I have ONLY that much left of the yellow-gold. So I want to finish the outlining before doing more satin stitch on the branches.  This thread is from the Christmas package my mom gave me while I was still in High School.  I hope I never forget that gift, it has been a long time favorite!  I am adding those threads to various projects for my family. 
Including this bird.

Now, for other things....Rhiley, GD #3 was here Sat. with mom and sisters.  She quietly asked me if I would show her how to use the sewing machine. She has asked before,  this time I was able to spend the few moments with her.
We stood at the machine, her in front of me, I set the machine to super slow stitch time, and let her put her foot to the pedal.  She loved it.  She will do more next time she is here.
I noticed the Forsythia is blooming outside the sewing room window.

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