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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Animals in Fiber

A few weeks ago, I commented on this design by Valori Wells on her blog I believe.  Well she responded by asking if I wanted one....of course!  Thank You!  Then she asked what color I wanted it in/on as she had done many samples. I left that up to her.  Little did I know she would send me a whole HALF of a yard of this!!  The fabric is Essex Linen by Robert Kaufman a linen and cotton blend. It did run a bit so wash it first!  And the hand is improved, of course, with the sizing gone.
Ashley mentioned toning the green down a bit, so that is what I did. First with coffee grounds, which washed out because I didn't leave it long enough.  Smelled good though.  I have a container of RIT Cocoa Brown color, so I made up a dropppp of that in water.  Didn't need to leave the fabric in long this time!  Of course I experimented with splotches...more on that idea later.
Now that this has been gifted, I can show it off.  This is by my daughter Ashley.  A Wolf, a Moon, and a hill to stand on.   The wolf is wool 'striped' yarn, which accounts for the varied coloring, and is  worked on needlepoint canvas, as are the rock 'beads'. The moon is a wire wrapped button.  

It is not your typical dream catcher, but it sure is creative! 

I came across this palette on Instagram and fell for it.  
Did the usual "paint" program color picker.
I think the yarn is Wool Of The Andes Tweed Yarn

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