Friday, February 26, 2016

Grand Girls.

On date afternoon/night for the parents, the grandparents have the children. 
The batteries in my camera kept giving out. 
"Batteries Exhausted" says the screen. 
They weren't the only things exhausted.!  
[i turn the camera off and on to eek out every last picture] 
I am working on this 3 generational piece.

While 2 crocus bud and bloom outside my door.

Goldie has some sequins added, mostly by our youngest GD. She loves to work on the fish.
So I leave it for her.  The sock monkey was a valentine gift from daughter a few years ago. I have long felt she needed new body art.  So I went to remove her skirt....turns out she was totally glued together!  I will have to rebuild her first....around the glue I can't remove.

The older GD wrote a story of a story she had read at school...about a bad hair cut.  I think it had to do with her own hair cut several days before.  Yet she loved her own cut!
It has changed her curls a bit just a bit.

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