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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ironed Leaf and Thread Crumbles

 The leaf.  It is fused to the fabric, with Misty Fuse, but not stitched yet.  I have an idea of how to stitch, but not how to hold the whole thing.  Not sure if I want to rig up a frame, or just gently handle it as is.
These strings are for another idea.  Deb L. dyes heavy fabrics, like damasks. And then sells them in "burritos", different pieces rolled up together. Sometimes she includes a handful of threads that have been washed off the different fabrics.  No sense in throwing them away, right?  So I have saved this bundle of creation-to-be. 
Along with this blue piece of tablecloth.  I love it. Have pulled it out several times, but no clear idea has congealed out of the mists of my brain.  Until now.  This is a WIP that I started a few, and a few more,  months ago, as the first mists dissipated.  It is begun again. 
And one thing that got me charged up, was  the idea to make these thread crumbs into beads! 
These are stitched directly onto the other threads and torn pieces.  Can they still be called a bead?   

A turtle. 

When I went to photo the threads, the cat sat down. 
Do you see her tail peaking out from under the threads?

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