Sunday, February 14, 2016

Family Bits For Today

This child.  She loves to color. Rainbows are her favorite, she almost always adds them to any picture she is making up.  She is very careful with the crayons too, which I secretly love, because I like to be careful with them too. 
When the grandgirls come over,  the first place's they head for is the table with the paper and coloring implements. Honestly. They. Do!
If I happen to leave out a piece of paper, like the "love" piece I printed up recently, it will surely get colored. This one is by her older sister. She took home the one she did.

So this is a curl. I love this curl.  It is from my son's head when he was a child, a tween, I guess.
He never liked long hair, didn't like the feel of it on his ears.  So to let this one bit in the back grow for over a year was eventful.  Of course it didn't touch his ears, so that helped.
His first child, Megan, has curly hair. Now we can see where it came from [this bit was pinned under many layers on a wall]  His second child, Lily, has straight fine blond hair like I had.  Not a curl, a wave, or even a bend to be found in that hair!
Ben's sister had some curls like this when she was young, and her hair was long, but when I cut her hair hoping for more curls....I got straight. Heavy, but Straight.  Serves me right for cutting it. 
However....HER girls ALL have densely curly hair! Like this tail that once grew on my son's head.
Onto the next item of the day. 
A tree.  For her Daddios.  {middle child talk}

He LOVES it!

Fiber projects are progressing.  I made another hat for my Dear Dan. Just like the other one.
I will have to take more pix of the other fiber bits and pieces. Maybe later.
Happy Love Day!

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