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Monday, February 01, 2016

Child's Play and Pillows

My daughter needed her BLACK sweatshirt-jacket mended around the snaps. We had tried gluing once upon a time, looked awful, so I added scraps and thread to tie them all together.
The only true color in this picture are the dog hairs...go figure.
Onto more colorful things....
I made myself a little pillow for in bed.
both sides of the pillowcase fabric
Pix are out of order, of course.  I thought I would show the regular pillow I hacked the small one off of. For size ref's of course.  The rest of the pillow will get used also...
for something pillow-y no doubt.
I love that print!  And it shows up on the bed...or the floor...where ever it may end up.  

For the Child part of the post.  
MY child was working on this stitchy flower.  
While it was in the hoop, HER child decided to color the remainder of the plain white fabric.  
Said CHILDREN wanted me to have it.
I will frame it somehow.  Maybe even press it first!
I love those children of MINE.

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