Sunday, January 24, 2016

Leaves and Hacking Beanie Babies

This leaf is one I used only white glue on.  Not as nice as the medium I used on the others as mentioned in the last post or 2.  Isn't as pliable and definitely no shine!

Beanie Babies!  From Happy Meals I believe. {not sure about Moosie}
This is not the first time I have "hacked" this toys.  I turned several into pincushions in the long ago.
Anyway, here is Goldy in her "before" shots.
Moosie didn't have a "before" photo session. 
I stitched around her antlers because they were 2 layers that had parted. I added the 'ribbon' to her back with the words "GG Evie and her Moose". Was a big thing in our family, to give my mom Moose related items.  She had had enough after the 3rd or 4th thing, but it was very hard to give up!  And when you get a small toy version??  You alter it baby!

I added satin stitch to her nostrils. And lashes to her eyes. Am adding hoofies to her footsies.

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  1. when i first started sewing i used to make dolls. and small stuffed things. brings back memories....