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Friday, January 22, 2016

Comment Answer and More Leaves

Karen asked;

"Interesting! Will the leaf stay like that or is there some degradation that may continue as it gets older?" 

Good question.  We will just have to see.  I know the leaves I slapped green paint on are still around...I only painted one side of those and they have held up nicely.  Of course they aren't played with.

The top leaf is fabric. Nothing to do with this experiment, except for it being there.
The 3rd leaf, the ginkgo, I tried 'weaving' down.  Just thread around it, not through it.
Now that I was pleased with how the leaf would handle, I spread the shiny stuff all over the front side.
And used generic glue on the back side to 'seal' it.

dull dull dull
The extra leaf is just covered in glue, to see how it stitches through.  Have stitched it, but not taken a photo.  It doe not look good, so the generic plain ole glue is a no go!
Now onto another random work. in. progress.
Words. Has begun.  Our son had made these perler beads [also called hama beads] 'tiles' for us long ago, so I stitched them down before they fell apart completely.
The stitched word is Love done by Megan, gd #1. I haven't stitched it down yet, I want to pair it with other amore.
I have kept this little bag for Coal since the Christmas it was put in someones stocking. It of course had candy in it.
But it is a WORD.

I really love how the pearl cotton stands out!

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