Monday, February 08, 2016

Devyn took over the cooking from her older sister.  She cooked up 2 pots of threads and such, all "nummies" according herself.  [this is GD #5]
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This is a card for my MIL.  I came up with a way to make it a banner year! 
My collection of felted-by-dog-fur-balls grew by one today. Since she, the dog, got a trim a couple of months ago, balls don't abound.  But the fur has grown some. So soon.
interesting how 2 different angles get different lighting. idea to work on something every day has been one of my best ideas yet.  I have all these WIPs by my chair.  Some are even as recent as yesterday!  Some sit and get stewed for the next great idea. And 1 hat just needs to be started! My husband wears them to bed, as a head covering for warmth, but also as an eye cover for darkness.  He has never cared for wearing a mask at night, but this he can do.  So he needs another one, just like the first striped one.

AND....there are WIPs on the wall too!  They get added to when I come across another "word".
It occurred to me that the tree is a long time WIP....long time....
If only I didn't always have this large black thing in the way.  I admit i like the large screen for my older eyes, but wouldn't it be nice if it could be folded in half?
[yes, it is attached to the wall on an arm, but we didn't know we would have a design wall there when we installed it. Otherwise I would be able to move it aside.]

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