Thursday, January 07, 2016

A Small Sweater

For a big heart-ed  Hare!

My sewing room is always this odd yellow color.  The CFL lights.
Anyway, Nut Brown Hare wanted a sweater as soon as Frost moved in and showed her's to the group.  
Below from left to right....
Mouse, from the If You Give A Mouse A Cookie  by Laura Numeroff fame, though this fellow is from the Merry Christmas Mouse book.
A small ceramic Yellow Dog my daughter Stephanie made for me one Christmas, after I saw a similar one in an ad somewhere. The face in the frame behind YD is mine as a kid. And there is a skunk and a Frog Prince on his pillow that my mom made many years ago.
Mouse, Stuart Little, dog, picture of me, Peter Rabbit, Frost, NutB.
skunk and Frog Prince
 This is not where I hope they end up.  I am working on a house for them, as I am still in dollhouse making mode.
Nut B. likes the Mary Engelbreit pin cushion chair very much.
I heard there is a Troll movie in the making....thought how neat it would be to show the grandgirls one of the original troll dolls, if only I had one....I do I do. Forgot it was tucked in with an Alien and Barbies barbie dolls.
They are in a shadow box with a Raggedy Ann doll, with items my mom made back in the...1950'S? A turtle,  the cat puppet. [flat black face] and a dress for Barbie, with the dolls tucked in that pocket.
I just learned that Raggedy Ann is 100 years old!!  Well, maybe not my doll, but I know she is over 40.

This year, and for the next 4, I have pro printed labels for my calendars.  I was using the template on the Avery site. Did you know they will print them up for you?  cheaper than the ink cart. my printer needs.  AND AND AND....they are smudge proof.  I was able to color on them with markers and not have the ink runnnnnnnn......yeah!
And this is my youngest grandgirl.  
So nothing quilty yet again, but fiber was used in the making of the sweater.

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