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Friday, January 01, 2016

A New Year~ An Even Numbered One!

To begin the year, thought I would post some random pix I have hanging around my pc. Well the first one has't been hangin' to long.
 I just happened to click on the Google Doodle yesterday....and gosh ola....there it was, a greeting from Google for moi! Click to enlarge.
My cards this year were snowmen faces!
They  were going to be stars. I machine stitched a circle with an empty needle...on every card. 
When the star wasn't working, I was what the hell to I make?  Not sure how this idea came to me, but I ran with it!
Foamy sheets were trimmed for eyes and noses.
And another project that Ashley and I did/tried.  Snow globes.  They were so fun to make, and the glue we used made up rather giddy.
Turns out the waterproof glue wasn't so 'always wet' proof. So they aren't as wonderful as we had imagined, so let us be a lesson to you...use the epoxy glue, or whatever, that the recipe recommends. 
Many years ago, my daughter and I saw this on Christmas Eve.  Not sure if the other 2 children saw it. It is something that Ashley and I have never forgotten and we had talked about it again this year. Believe what you will, but we 2 believe this wholeheartedly.
The dollhouse has been moved to it's forever home, and set up.  The cute lamp was another gift this year.  We think a drawer set-up under it would be ideal, to raise the house a bit and for storage.
The youngest grandgirl  loves her some animals!

My older 2 grandgirls found the Ikea Bug!  Remember the commercials of the Bug piled high at sale season?
I gave the girls some cozy soft animal blankets, and Lily thought it needed to be worn as a hat.

My husband took this shot one early hour morning.

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