Wednesday, December 23, 2015

So Sing With Me....

Workin' on a dollhouse...
Workin' on a dollhouse, ya....
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So after much hunting for a shorter stand of LED Christmas lights, Dan finally got one of the 50 strands, which worked out pretty well, it turns out.   The LED's stay cool, which is good for this purpose.  The girls who will play with this, besides my daughter Ashley and I , are ages 2 to 10, for now.  So we had to stay kind of simple and safe.  

I added a 'shelf' under the tree and found some stitched up parts to use for a 'skirt' I was actually going to make skirts out if the parts, but thought they were too 'old' looking for the girls, so they got put away.  Am kinda liking these, so I think they may become another quilt.
A couple of additions to the tree.. ..a felt elf? joker? ...Raggedy Ann sort of face....Anyway, my grandmother Evelyn made this back in the 1950's? 
Another addition were these...a tiny TY reindeer (McDonald's Happy Meal toy?), a 
Mouse from the storybook,  "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie". an Elf I designed and made one year, the white faced fellow.  and the green googly eyed thing in the back was actually a gift card box.
I made a perler bead snowflake and found that it fit over the LED light.
oh look....a crocheted snowflake!
The prints used on this one should give you an idea of how long ago my mom made it
years past Advent calendar 

Am working on my "village".

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  1. made a BeautyFULL Christmas so tonight, the 31st, you deserve
    BEAUTY yourself!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, la la and la laLA......
    Hope they all cooked you a very FINE meal and served you and
    made any wishes come true.....
    Have a wonderful year ahead...
    LOVE, grace