Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pre-Christmas Assembly

We, Dan, Ashley and I are building a dollhouse for the girls, all 5 of them!  
Each one of us has done different parts, of course. And more pix will come.
Here is part of what I have been doing for this.  Click to enlarge the pic and see the nifty bed/futons/chairs I made!  And a quilt, the first one. Ashley made the 'rug' by gluing fabric bits to cardboard.  We are keeping things somewhat simple for now because the girls are age 2 to 10, so we know there will be climbing and sitting on/in, and probably standing ON this house for dolls. 
The 'house' is actually assembled from 3 large drawers that came with a cupboard we helped ourselves to a couple of years ago.  We saved the drawers we didn't put back into the cupboard, and have finally found a use for them.  Anyway, the drawers are strong thick plywood, probably birch???  The 'wallpaper' you see behind One Armed Ken, is the liner in the drawers...we left it. It's simple and clean.  Yes I know...take more PIX!!!
My hair was a mess one am.  
Do you know how difficult it is to take a picture of the back of your head?  No I didn't feel like getting up and using a mirror. The only reason I took the pix is because our granddaughter Avery gets 'bed head' too, and I wanted her to see that I do too!
For your holiday tree! Dan's idea though, and it worked!
A tomato cage, a garland of fake greenery, and lights.  It looks much nicer in person.  
No ornaments, they didn't look right.  They are going on the mobile.
Again, Dan's idea, use it for the ornaments.  Take off the everyday do dads and put the delicate Christmas ornaments on it.  First tho....I decided to dress it up a bit.
Will get another pic of it later, I don't have it all adorned yet.

On to more assembly.  The youngest GD is getting a car!  Yup, her first car from her parents.  This thing has a radio!!!  I kid you not.  And an MP3 player can be plugged in too.  Wow.  Believe you me, that 2 year old child will have all that figured out in a hot second!
excuse the mess in the room

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