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Saturday, November 28, 2015

We Gathered. We ate. I Saw. I Created.

We gathered to feast, most of us.  5 granddaughters. 2 daughters. 2 son-in-laws. 1 great-grandmother, 1 grandfather/husband, 1 Gup [me]
On the 18th of November 2015.
I ran out of forks, oops.

↑  The glow in the room was this warm and inviting!

↓  I noticed this on the wall. The rain had finally stopped.
↓  I gave my daughter a ceramic pin I had made in the likeness of this cat, KittaMa. A rescue from the streets of San Francisco, brought home by my brother who lived in SF for a time. 1960's.
I took the original BW photo, and am reflected in the glass take this one...
↓  My nasturtiums.  A freeze just wiped them out in one fell swoop! 
click to enlarge
 ↓  I made ornaments for my granddaughters, to save for their own future trees. 
2 different photos of all 5, taken by my daughter Ashley. She took many pictures of them all over the adventurous summer they had.  Did you know you can have pix printed in a 4 x 4 inch size? Me neither.  I glued them to board, added ribbon trim, dated them and sent them on their way.  I used the ruffled "ribbon" on the 3 for Ashley's girls,  since she has an idea for the use of the ribbon. 
click to enlarge
I found springs in the burn pile.   I 'painted' them with Snow Accent by Duncan. I was going to create something homemade, but then found a jar of this in my glue drawer, so...perfect!
Then I added button eyes, a holly tie, and mustaches??  Yup.
↓  Have I shown this?  The finished wolf embroidery, for my son-in-law.  
I couched sticks to cover the staples we used to staple it to the driftwood.

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