Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Weird Light

Not weird like the light over California recently, but....I took a picture, even though I was pretty sure it wouldn't "show" up.  It was like a florescent light was turned on over our deck/front yard.  Or maybe one of those police helicopters with the big light?  But this didn't move around....Anyway, it was weird and I was weirded out by it.
I have finished the Dolphin.  I had Dan staple it to the stick, then I covered the staples with couched on sea shells.  I like the felt balls on either side, but I will leave it up to Ashley, since this is for her. She has always had a thing for dolphins.
For Ben it shall be Macaw's. 
2 of them on the same batt, for his fiancee also, since I don't know for sure what her "animal" is.  They mate for life, like so many other birds. The threads are from Colour Complements in her color # 186, in size 12 pearl, top, and size 8, bottom.  Really nice hand dyed threads!!!!!
I am pretty sure the sunset colors on the Dolphin piece are her threads too...
Another shot of the dolphin, with the seashells showing a bit more....

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