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Monday, October 19, 2015

Driftwood Decor and Trinkets

We hung the wood by a wire tucked up under the molding at the top of the cupboard, and thumb tacked out of sight.
We have lots of driftwood and I use some of it for hanging things on or from. This time we hung a piece just for its own shape.  The twigs on top are squiggly wiggly willow branches. Not the formal name by far.  When Dan cut them off the tree a couple of years ago, I formed circles with a few of the pliable branches. I made circles with the idea to weave in those circles.  I haven't....yet.  Now that they are out in the open, so to speak.... 
Whew....I had to scroll back to 2009 to find the 'old' picture.
face on of the drift
Below on the plain wall I put up our road trip map.  There are all sorts of things attached, like pins and stamped/smashed pennies.  With pins from Maine, The Quilters Cache, to the Pacific Ocean, where the Hoffman Challenge 2005 Pin is stuck.  I entered a quilt that year to earn the pin.

I have been going thru stuff.  Mom would give me Woodstock things, because I thought he was 'boss'.  The small one hung from the heater knob in Mom's Honda Civic for many years.  She saved it for me when she replaced the car in 1985.  The 'cookie' is rubbery, it was on Mom's key chain for YEARS and all 3 of my children teethed on it.
For needlework, I have started the next 2 items.  On dyed batt again.
back, click to enlarge
My blueberries are changing with the season.  The nasturtiums, however, are still growing and flowering.  There have been bee's in them, still!
My cherry tree.  It had fruit on it this year, but I guess they hadn't been pollanized? because they all fell off with out ripening.  (i know, it should say 'pollinated' but i like my version) 

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