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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Felt-Like Batt

Judy Coates Perez did a wonderful experiment for RIT dye  
So way back then, 2009, I dyed some batt.  I didn't rinse it out, that's why the colors are intense.
I came up with an idea and ran with it.  I printed up a generic picture of a squirrel, and machine stitched it to the batt.  I do it this way to transfer the pattern, instead of one of the many other ways.
back, showing the machine stitches.
I tore away the paper, carefully.

Then I back-stitched the squirrel in grey perle cotton, probably a size 5. Just on the batt, no BG fabric. Then I worked a seed stitch in size 12 perle cotton in a variegated  'fall'  color, this time with the BG fabric.  [remember, i am just winging this]
 After stitching, I carefully pulled the extra batt away, fluffing the 'edges' a bit.
And here is the second design I worked on.  I didn't actually 'complete' either of these, giving them to my daughter, and her BF, to finish as she would like.  
I only stitched around the 'ground' of the elephant.  Since they don't live in trees like squirrels do.

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