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Sunday, January 10, 2016

It's Happened....I Put Thread....

............into a needle and stitched something........
Many people mark the days passing in many forms. I read blogs of others who do this in stitch. I decided to try this too...not to mark the passage of time, but to kick start my enjoyment of sewing from the rut it was in.  
I started with this. Organic shapes {to use a new term; for something natural; I suppose is how I would have called it before}  These shapes are actually fur.  From the one Abby dog, mostly. When she is shaggy, her fur mats. I have saved them in the last year. So now they are stitched down. I can't tell you how many endorphin this one small piece released.  It still is.  Releasing them.  
Not very big.

But not really surprising to find I do this.  I pulled this out of the ottoman. 
I am not sure how old it is but I know I had it with me when Granddaughter #3 was aborning herself in July 2009.  I sandwiched everything back then, like a quilt.

Bits from other wallies I didn't really care for. ↑↓ Labels from clothing.
Soda bottle lids.
Cutout from a soda can.
Printed ribbons off fabric bundles.  If the company is going to print it, I am going to save it.
These will be used elsewhere....someday.
This fish was a novelty fabric,  in parts.  So I connected the parts with a ruff.

I started in with the fur bits after getting a card and 2 books as gifts from my brother.  He has not wished to converse with me for many years, until now.  I am very happy he did! 

I laughed the next day when I was reading Judy Martin's latest post, she was talking about Janet Bolton's newest book, Fabric Pictures which is the book my brother sent.  
The books contents are  soooooooooooooo me!
Thank You Scotty!

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