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Friday, September 04, 2015

Blue and Yellow Shirt Days

Today is wear blue for Law Enforcement.  This is daughter Ashley and her 3 girls...
...and so is this one in yellow shirts.
The yellow was Wed. for  Wildfire Firefighting support.
.....and here are all the granddaughters and mama/aunt Ashley...
We are teaching the girls that All Lives Matter, no matter what color your shirt is!

Onto some other things....
Another Texture picture.  This is dog fur, right out of the brush.
My husband's fantastic fence! {so far} He wants to separate the patio from the road.
We have planted the decorative grass we got last June or so. And mixed in some of the rocks that came with the property.  They are part of what once was a very LARGE rock according to my neighbor.  She said the previous owner set a fire over it to bust it up into smaller pieces. I think they need to be displayed, after all that hard work! 
Some bits from my garden...except that squash. That is from someone else's, shared with me.
Hummm....someone was nibbling....

This crow.  It was eating something orange...maybe an orange peel???
Last....stitching is happening....finally.
The top piece is from Deb L.
She dyes linens....the old school kind, tablecloths and such.  I have had this piece for years now waiting for the moment I needed to bust out of my rut.

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  1. Great lessons for the children! Looking forward to seeing where you take your latest stitching!