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Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Day at the Beach

is not actually what you might imagine as a "beach", the sort you imagine on the coasts of our country.  But around here in the Puget Sound, we have a zillion miles of beach!  Tides still come in and go out, and your lips still get salty.
As you can see by the time stamp on the photo, it was still really nice at 5:15 pm.
Ashley found the rock, Danny [her hub.] said it looked like a skull. 
A tug pushing a barge with rocks and a 'tractor'....
...↑....a granddaughter leaping among rocks....
......and another looking at crabs in mommy's hand....
It was a wonderful few hours spent with some of my family.
I am hoping that is a true honey bee.

I know this is a skipper.

Something I seem to be good at...
growing nasturtiums in odd places without even trying!

I call it peeled "tirebark". More texture, like the spoon of beans in last post.

The fairies are able to hid in the garden now.

My husband is putting up a fence to separate the road from the patio.

Gotta love a zinnia!

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