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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Last Time I Posted...

It was a birthday day for my son and his daughter.
Today is just plain Thursday.
I know the focus is not great on this bumble....but look at the size of her[?].  2x bigger than the others that visit my flowers.
I tried to fix the focus on her, no luck, but she does have the rear yellow stripe besides the yellow face.  She also started lifting her middle leg....So I went away.

This was such an interesting pattern, I had to photo it.  
Refried beans on a wooden spoon.

giraffe patterning

The last carrot.  Megan, my oldest GD, loves to raid my garden when she is here, but she left this one behind.  Her younger cousins got to share it.  I think I will grow more.

This pic isn't as good as others I saw on FB, taken by other peoples, but I did see them.  
I called them zebra stripes.
And to keep with the animal them I have going here....
My son's boxer, Sawyer. Still a pup. His first visit to Gup. [me]
His human [or "biped" as Mike Rowe's dog Freddy, calls us human's] brought back the teeny tiny car that quit working as soon as we gave it to him...Sigh....but he took away the truck he has been 'working' on for 2 years now.  [The biped, 'he', is our son]
3 Men and a Dolly

My husband waved good bye to the truck.  He also said he wasn't going to miss it.

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  1. I love watching the bees, always good to have them in the garden. xxx