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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Heat Wave

We have never had the gardener snake up on the deck that I know of, but today I am pretty sure it was looking for water.  I watered a few rocks for it, between it's visits.
I know I should have cropped out the white hose, but....
We think this being is about 18 inches long.
My other discovery was this wasp nest right above my clothesline.  We haven't bothered each other yet, but I figure this will have to be moved before it gets too big.
I haven't had this many different flowers growing all at once!


The succulents in the fairy garden are going crazy!
The next 3 flowers are actually very small...
look at the center area of even smaller flowers!

ground cover

The first 2 are from this box which has "no mow mix" seeds in it.  They would be perfect for a fairy garden because they are such small flowers.

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