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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fairy Garden

My Fairy Garden changes every time a granddaughter comes near it.
I love watching the girls rearrange the animals and 'crystal ball' [marble] and such.
I believe I need to move it into the shade more as the succulents are getting a bit fried. [the pot of grass is not part of the garden, just landed there for the moment]
Moth or Butterfly?
look at those frilly things on the nasturtium!!
and the orange rays on the petals!
oh...and a bug on the stick....gotta love this option on my camera!
First time I remember really looking at the underside of a Swallowtail...will be trying for more pix on them.
These buds...I thought they were Passion Flower buds, I was so excited that my vine was budding out....
...when they opened up, I realized they are the Freesias.
But look at the P.F. vine reach for the sky! [I have a willow stick as a 'trellis' for the passion vine]
Sometimes I just hold the camera up, wait for the ping, then take the picture, not quite sure what it has focused on.
Strange...but it was delish!

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