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Friday, June 19, 2015

Trying To Organize

EDIT to ADD  I think the first swap was in 2000 when the 4th book was published,  "Harry Potter  And The Goblet Of Fire"..[edited on 9/11/2017]

I have been trying to organize all my quilts and quilt parts and other quilty things.  I would like to have a "page" of just quilts that you all can go to and see how MANY I have MADE!  I am astounded by the amount.  I have made many from block swaps over at "".  I even started some of the swaps!  Like the Buffalo Postage Stamp swap, started from a small 5 cent stamp!  The Planets block swap, involving all the planets and some other starry things.  That was a tricky swap because I had to assign each person to a planet!

Some I was part of even though they weren't a 'love' of mine, like the Chicken block swap, where all the blocks were chicken related.  I made that quilt up and gave to my sister in law since she had raised chickens, "Les Girls" as she called them.

One swap became 2 swaps....the Harry Potter swap was a popular one, so we made 2 swaps of it, but made sure everyone made something different for each swap.  We, us at decided to do this on the cusp of the release of Book 4 [i never did hang onto the names, just the number order]  At the time, Hollywood was getting itself all geared up to make movies of the books.  But we wanted to make things from the books before Hollywood 'told' us what they looked the death mask, the dementors, even Harry's broken glasses!  So everyone picked what they wanted to make and the swap was launched.  Each person made as many blocks of their one item, as there were people in the swap to swap with.  We tried to keep the number of people in the swaps to less than 20...or something like that.
The whole quilt. A look at Harry's side of the 'dorm room'. Shelf, bulletin board and beside table.
Dumbledore's Pheonix
The broom Harry flew on in the Quidditch matches, I made it to look like a brochure.
The Invisibility Cloak
The swap particulars printed up on fabric.
A few of the items that went on the 'bulletin' board.
The Death Mask and the Mirror....cant remember what it did to you...

Of course Harry's Lightening Bolt!
The 'bulletin board'
The bookshelf.
Below is the quilt as it was displayed on the wall at the museum/folk center in Thermopolis WY 
with my daughters, of course. This picture was taken....long time ago!  Can't find the right date on the picture in my flickr albums.

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