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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Finally....A Homemade Birdbath!

We are having a heat wave here in the NorthWet West, so I want to make sure the birds have water too.
I got the plastic pipe from the neighbor, the flower pot tray I had, the rocks I had, the fish tank pump I had.  So far the only thing brave enough to visit it on the deck is a wasp. I will be moving it to somewhere in the yard. Hopefully I will get it [the pipe] painted gray-ish first. did that slip in middle child and her equal half. 
She was homemade too, now that I think about it.
After I think I vacc'ed up a feather, I decided to encase the other 3 in net...
here, let me zoom in...
...those 3 teeny-tiny feathers on creamy white fabric....
I understand you aren't supposed to keep feathers...I am just safe keeping them should the hummers ask for them back.
Dan brought me a length of moss, I shaped it into a moss-a-pillar.  It will get replanted. In the meantime, I just water it where it is on the fugly , but oh so handy, table outside.
I was looking at this driftwood one day and wondered what it would look like as a rubbing. 
On fabric.

Not as great as I had hoped, but maybe it's the blue crayon I used....I want to try again, different crayon, different fabric sample.
Another homemade tank tops.  Dan had a bunch of T's where the neck was frayed from beard scrubble.  So I cut off the neckline and sleeves.  Now we both have a bunch of tank tops! And no I didn't bother 'hemming' them, we aren't out to win a beauty contest. 
To see this better, you probably have to enlarge.  Ashley, in the pic above, worked in the hot sun yesterday to get the pavers all nice and level around the blueberry plants.  Thank You Sweetie!  

A robin has found the plants.  I will share with him, but if he brings 42 of his friends....well....first I will be flabbergasted to see 43 robins in my yard...then I will put net up around the year, because obviously 43 robins would strip the berries off completely!.

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