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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Cat, Quilt, Camellia

i am working on a quilt!!!  Seriously!  I am backing this one with a sheet, like I mentioned last time. i just pick a thread out of the "Pink" tray and use it for a couple of re-needlings, then pick another.
The stitch I am using really shouldn't be called a 'stitch'....I am just making great big sew-the-stuffed-turkey-shut stitches.  Hey, it works. Alright?

Somehow my husband got ahold of bush cutters....branch choppers....what ever you wanna call them.  He HACKED at the Camellia bush without my knowing......
every time i zoomed.....
in for a.....
the picture got blurrier.....
and blurrier.  
If it weren't for that blue Honey Pot, you wouldn't see SHIT!!
The one bush in a whole line up of bush varieties....the only one I cared the most looks like crap!

But on a bright note....I did manage to add my own picture the background of my blog!  Not that it has anything to do with cats or batts.....

My #2 granddaughter hurt herself on the playground today.  
It seems she fainted at the sight of her own blood!
Some scratches on her hands, but I am concerned about her head which no one has mentioned. 

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