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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mother Nature and Mother's Nature

I have had many different bumbles come to these flowers.

The flower closeup option on my camera is wonderful!

okay.....a I think in there somewhere is a Robin's nest.

This Robin in fact.  i saw her twice with this orange squiggly thing....of course the camera focused on the tree behind her...or maybe thats HIM.?

A pocket.  I enjoy making small things out of small scraps.

Avery came over with mama Ashley the other day to help with garden stuff. She was drawing, and 'tracing' this line by following the edge of the know what I  mean, but she was so careful....I learned from her that day, but didn't take a picture to show you how careful she was!

Avery is our granddaughter #4 and she just turned 4 years old, so for us that makes her our Bunny GD!!!!  Here she is with grandpa in a Hobbit House set up at a local nursery, open to the public.

This is a painting she did during the winter...the doodles are from the other day...

...including this design....

This is the youngest. She is now 2. She saw me with the camera and sat still, expecting a picture to be taken, so of course I did.

The quilt I finished a few days ago.  I need to get a better picture of it....It's for the neighbor who graduates from high school this year.  [ it was supposed to be for her christmas gift last year]

And this quilt is from a swap long long ago. [2004]  I am going to stitch it down on a sheet for a bedspread/blanket for summer months.

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