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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

After May Day Comes Mother's Day

My youngest daughter and her SO arrived with a flowery basket!  Love the thought and the basket, thank you sweeties.

A couple of years ago, this basket was given to me with an abundance of flowers all over it too. Most where annuals, except for the green plant on the left. The one on the right is a volunteer strawberry.
Mystery green perennial.
Megan and Lily were here for a few hours on Saturday, so with chalk and washable outdoor paint, they colored up some patio squares.  I thought they would do pictures, but proved me wrong and went totally left brain.
click to enlarge
I wanted to do a zillion flowers in I poured whole packs of seeds into the four pots/boxes at the front of the patio. They may not stay there, but for now...I got seeds from Territorial Seeds and Siskiyou Seeds.  I am very happy with both!  
click to enlarge
This is my Fairy Garden....It is outgrowing the pot I started it in. In all honesty, it was kinda full when I first planted the succulents. Megan made a sign.
And my dear husband made me this beautiful box for me to expand my Fairy Garden!!!  I am hoping I can put the existing pot into the new planter....some how...
What you don't see are the wheels....I love having things on wheels! So I can move them around the deck to follow the sun/shade, or get them out of granddaughters swinging path....

My middle child gave me a Hummingbird garden addition.  And 4 new strawberry plants....and another blueberry bush for in front of the deck...
The blueberries.  I decided that putting a shrub in front was a good idea...and an edible one was even better! They aren't exactly planted yet, but soon....
Not pictured but not forgotten, the 3 Tomato plants from my oldest and his SO for Mother's Day.

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