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Monday, June 08, 2015

Before I Give It....

To the young lady I made it for, I took pix of the special [novelty] 
fabrics I used to tell a story about her.
This fabric is in the quilt I made for her brother. I felt it needed to be in this one too. In fact some of the purple fabric I used here I also used on the label for his quilt.
Family Love
This one has a story we were involved in too...sort of.
A rainy day, walking a dog, and a bolt of lightening. The lightening hit a tree really close by, scared the be-shit-us out of us [dan and me], and darn near hit that girl outside walking her dog!
[earning] Money
This one had to be made up by me, of course, using 3 letters I did have, and adding 3 more in faint embroidery.
2 areas of plain fabric were added to even things out, so I quilted a sun....
and clouds...

And the label.  I used some of her brothers quilt fabric around the label.

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