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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Leaky Roof

The house next door....well, it was actually a trailer....had developed a leaky roof.  The renters moved out.  One rain storm too many caused the leak to become a cave-in.  Seriously, the whole roof over the central part of the trailer, just collapsed.
So the land owner brought in an excavator and tore that place up!  

See the cat through the shrubs?
There...see it now?
In other cherry tree is blooming.  
Look at all that pollen!

We are finally doing something with this front part of the house. The area had been left lumpy and bumpy by the itty-bitty bob-cat that prepped the site for our modular.
The bamboo on the left is now all gone.  It was a nice backdrop for a few years....then it decided to spread it's roots.

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