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Monday, March 30, 2015

For The Birds...

We were awakened by a rat-a-tat-tat on the side of the house recently. 
I didn't see it, but my husband did, which means I may never get it ID'd. 
He usually takes a picture of the ...whatever...and brings it  back to me for IDing.
No pix. Damn.
Then yesterday, the dog growled at something outside.
I thought it might be a raven, because it sure was bigger than a crow.
Upon closer observation, I am pretty sure it was a peacock.  No great plumage, but that iridescent, turquoise blue  was hard to miss.  Though this one had more red on it's head than I could find in several searches.
We have a road called Peacock Hill, so it's likely those sort of birds roamed free in the area in years past.
I do have pix of girls.  And huge cardboard to draw on...
...and pose in front of.....
enlarge the pix to see the pencilled in girls.  
They get to paint them later in the spring when they can be outside with it.
A find for me...
A VW Bus box

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